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Researchers estimate about 3 million Americans are living with Opioid Addiction, but only 3% of Doctors are Suboxone Certified. Consequently, many treatment facilities in the U.S. are predatory businesses offering false hopes of recovery while gladly taking your money. At Coastal Primary Care in Huntington Beach, California, Dr. Kazi Rezai offers treatment for Opioid Addiction with Suboxone® and counseling to patients living throughout California. He even has an incredible 99% long-term success rate! Currently the highest in the U.S. To schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment with Coastal Primary Care, call the office or book one online today.

Opioid Addiction - Suboxone Clinic

99% Success Rate!

What is opioid addiction?

Opioids are a group of prescription drugs designed to treat pain. They bind to receptors in your brain and spinal cord and mimic the natural pain-relieving properties of your body. 

Though opioids are effective, they’re also incredibly addictive. Even if you were prescribed opioids for a legitimate medical issue, it’s possible to develop a dependence on them. If you’re concerned about overusing opioid medication, book a consultation at Coastal Primary Care.

What are the symptoms of opioid addiction?

Symptoms of opioid addiction include:

  • Euphoria
  • Constipation
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Paranoia

Opioid addiction also causes erectile dysfunction, low libido, and low sperm count.

Is opioid addiction the same thing as opioid dependence?

Opioid addiction and opioid dependence are often mentioned together, but they’re two different things.

Opioid dependence

If you’re dependent on opioids, it means you need more of the drug to achieve the desired effect. This process is also known as building up a tolerance. If you stop taking opioids and you’re dependent, you will experience opioid withdrawals — uncomfortable physical and mental effects.

Opioid addiction

Addiction occurs when Dependence interferes with daily life, such as work, school and relationships. Taking more than the prescribed amount or using illegal opioids like Heroin may result in death.

How is opioid addiction diagnosed?

To diagnose an opioid addiction, Dr. Rezai reviews your medical history and asks about your symptoms, including when you started using the medication and how often you take it. He might also have you fill out a questionnaire. If Dr. Rezai determines you have an addiction, he develops a custom treatment plan.

How is opioid addiction diagnosed?

At Coastal Primary Care, Dr. Rezai treats opioid addiction through a combination of Suboxone® and counseling, often through telemedicine. 


Suboxone is a prescription drug designed to treat opioid dependence & addiction. It’s an oral film that dissolves when you place it under your tongue. It prevents physical withdrawals and emotional cravings. Suboxone is unique because it also has a “Ceiling Effect,” meaning it does not cause euphoria or sedation. You will be able to function normally, with full mental clarity and focus.


Counseling combines behavioral therapy techniques and education to help you identify the root cause of your addiction. Dr. Rezai offers Opioid Addiction Counseling both in-office and through telemedicine. In fact, it’s part of the Program for every patient. A patient empowered with this knowledge is far less likely to ever relapse. Instead of the old paradigm of “Doctor says and Patient does,” you and that Doctor will work together as a team. You will understand what changes have occurred due to opioid exposure, and what the medication will be doing to manage those changes.

Dr. Rezai loves helping people overcome their addictions. He has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and radio shows. He has been the keynote speaker at “Hospital Grand Rounds.” In that capacity, he has trained dozens of other Medical Doctors. Dr. Rezai has been unusually successful in this particular art & science over the years and has an incredible 99% long-term success rate in treating Opioid Addiction! Currently the highest in the U.S.

To receive treatment for Opioid Addiction, make an appointment at Coastal Primary Care. Call the office to speak with a team member or request an appointment online today.