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Suboxone Clinic (Opioid Addiction)

Opioid MAT Clinic (Medication Assisted Treatment)

TeleMedicine Treatment

Treatment from the safety and privacy of your home!

From anywhere in the State of California!

We are compliant with all DEA Protocols!

We will call in the medication to your local Pharmacy!

We are the GOLD Standard

99% Success Rate!!

ONLY if you are SERIOUS about Recovery, come here.

If you have failed at other places, come here.

If you want Opioid Recovery done right, come here.

Otherwise, waste your time and money elsewhere!

Please read this very CAREFULLY:

Our rates and policies are very clear and reasonable considering all that you get:

"Induction Month" includes TWO visits with the Doctor + In-Depth Medical Education about Opioid Addiction Medicine!! This will answer many questions you did not know you had. It will make clear why you have failed, relapsed, or simply been unable to self-taper. You WILL become empowered with this new knowledge. This is a vital KEY factor to sustained recovery. This education & counseling is provided directly from the Doctor! He will take a great deal of TIME in explaining & educating. He will also instruct you in ways to prevent relapse. And he will match your level of understanding (never talking over your head). Although Addiction Neuroscience is a complex subject, it can and should be explained to maximize your chance of finally achieving Recovery. This level of empowering education is MISSING in every other Suboxone Clinic.


Induction Month: $300 (Includes 2 Doctor visits via TeleMedicine) plus Education & Counseling directly from the Doctor.

Monthly Maintenance Visits (after Induction Month): $200 Monthly. Also via TeleMedicine.

Non-Refundable Deposit: $150 over the phone (major credit card required). This is to HOLD your slot for Day 1. This will be applied to your total. You will pay the remainder ($150) at time of appt.

If a SAME DAY appt is available, then you simply pay the full $300.

Understand (A): the $150 deposit is non-refundable AND non-transferable to another start date. We only focus on ONE Induction at a time! You are wasting someone else's valuable time-slot if you "NO-SHOW." If you do not show up, you will need to place another $150 deposit to secure another start date and time. This is not the place to play games. People are literally on a wait list here to get their lives back.

Understand (B): you must put yourself into severe withdrawal at the time you take your first dose of medication. If you are "loaded" on opioids and take the medication, you will go into "Precipitated Withdrawal." Just call us for more info. Our staff will instruct you on pre-appointment instructions for FREE. You DO NOT have to be in withdrawal at time of appointment! So just relax. We will walk with you in this journey to recovery.

Understand (C): ZERO tolerance for profanity or disrespectful behavior at the Clinic. Many times there are children within ear shot. Just be nice.

Don't play with your LIFE. Recover. Move on with your goals!!!

If you are a "Suboxone Transfer" patient from another Doctor: $250 for your first visit to Establish Care.

This must be paid via telephone (major credit card) as a non-refundable deposit prior to securing your appointment slot (see above).

Monthly Maintenance Visits thereafter are: $200

Suboxone Transfer Patients MUST have a CURRENT prescription from another Doctor! Less than 30 days since last pick-up from pharmacy. We will verify this by running a CURES Report... as we are required to do by the DEA.

Now The Stats:

1) Since the Year 2000, the number of Opioid Related Deaths has QUADRUPLED! That a 400% increase!

2) Currently, Opioid Overdose is the NUMBER ONE Cause of Preventable Death in America... even overtaking death due to Car Accidents!

3) Only 0.25% of the U.S Population are Doctors! (Hence the Physician Shortage.)

4) Only 3% of Doctors are DEA CERTIFIED to prescribe Suboxone (Buprenorphine, the active ingredient).

97% of Doctors are NOT Suboxone Certified, by choice.

With only 3% of Doctors practicing Addiction Medicine, there is a SEVERE Physician Shortage in this field!!!

5) 0.0075% of the Population are Suboxone Certified Physicians!

(Take a moment and think about that.)

Simple math from above: 0.25 x 0.03 = 0.0075%.

In other words, for every 10,000 people, only 75 can prescribe Suboxone. Such a tiny fraction can MEDICALLY help, while we are in an Opioid Epidemic. Hence, a catastrophic demand / supply mismatch. To further worsen this crisis in Medical Treatment availability, many of those 0.0075% are no longer accepting new patients! They are full (as you would expect).

6) Unfortunately, some of the Doctors & Clinics that can still accept patients are "price gouging" because they know they are in high demand. Some places charge $500+ per monthly visit.

7) Sober Living / Rapid Detox / Drug-Free Detox / Abstinence-Based Programs


Of those admitted to these programs (costing THOUSANDS of Dollars), the long-term success rate is only 5.61%. Hence, when it comes to Non-Medication Assisted Detox, the Failure Rate is 94.39% (Source:

8) Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) such as Suboxone works!

Even in long-term studies (3.5 years), the Failure Rate (i.e. relapse) was less than 10%. Hence, over 90% success rate with Medication Assisted Treatment!


Compare that to the 5.61% "success" rate of Detox without Medication (at your typical Sober Living).

9) The reason Medication Assisted Treatment works is because it recognizes and addresses the very real Neuro-Anatomical changes in the brain which have occurred, resulting in Tolerance.

Simple "Talk Therapy" does not change the Neuronal Receptor Down-Regulation which has occurred... how could it?

Medication Assisted Treatment first controls Withdrawal Symptoms, then slowly tapers dosage to Reverse Tolerance without causing Withdrawal.

Done correctly, this is both a science and an art. It takes years of practice, managing thousands of Addiction Patients, in order to master by a Physician. (Fortunately, that's exactly the type of Physician you will be seeing here!)

10) Medically speaking, the following 10 terms have very different meanings:

Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction, Withdrawal, Induction, Titrate, Maintenance, Steady-State, Taper, Detox.

Many so-called "Addiction Specialists" are NOT Medical Doctors. They have NOT done a single day of Medical School. And they easily confuse and interchangeably use the above terms (if they even know them all).

Make sure the person treating you clearly knows the difference. 

Now About Us:

Our Medical Director is a Physician who has trained dozens of other Medical Doctors in the proper practice of Addiction Medicine!!

He has given talks on Addiction Medicine as Keynote Speaker throughout the State of California.

He is a former Professor of Medicine! (You are truly in safe hands.)

ALL of his education has been in the United States!

He grew up in Los Angeles and attended UCLA. 

An American Doctor who speaks clearly, without any accents.

Our clinic was fully re-modeled in 2014 (beautiful, comfortable and welcoming). We are currently Accepting New Suboxone Patients.

In fact, we've had patients come in from out-of-state to visit us!!! (That should tell you everything you need to know about our reputation for professionalism and high success rate.)

Let's finally beat Opioid Addiction!

Self-Pay Pricing:

Initial Induction Month (2 Visits): $300

Every monthly visit afterward: $200

We accept all major credit cards.


Our clinic is located at:

18672 Florida Street, Suite 302-B

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Please give us a call for more information. 

(714) 375-0691

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